Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scarborough 2012 - Sunday

The Grinder Reports:

My opponent offered a draw in the fourth round game. I had a small positional advantage, but agreed, knowing I would have the white pieces and still be sharing the lead going into the last round.

Fifth round. Didn't play a great opening, was under a bit of pressure. Managed to extricate myself and started to get counter play. Again my opponent offered a draw. I agreed, maybe a little hastily with hindsight.

So 4/5. A couple of other results worked in my favour and I ended up sharing first place with eight others.
Prize money was £1000 so my share was £112.

I was more than happy, as there were 74 entrants in the u136 section.

Phil Harlow won a share of 3rd/4th in the u151. I think Karl Potter also got a placing in the u171.

Cheers all


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