Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Atkins 2012 - Colin's 4th and 5th Round Games

Sunday morning had me with black against the 11 year old Karam Sangha. We played an exchange French. Even on material and looking drawish, i offered a draw and Karam accepted.

Later i realised that Karam had beated Bill Egan in the third round, and went on to beat Tony Robinson in the last round (i watched this and although Tony had the option of a perpetual, Tony went for the win despite being material down). I suspect that i may have gotten lucky here when Karam accepted the draw offer.

For the last round, i played Andrew Thompson, a compatriot of Rob Ensor's from Gambit. Another exciting game.

I finished on 3.5/5 and i do not know about anyone else, but i had an excellent weekend and picked up my first ever professional chess winnings: £12-50 (half of the under 120 grading prize split with Karam Sangha). If this health service management thing doesn't work out i might just turn pro (ha ha ha).

Besides me, Dave, Ray, and Graham B all competed. Rob Ensor was in the Major and played Graham B at one point. John, Gordon and Drew all visited, but did not compete this time. There were loads of Leicestershire players either competing or involved in the organisation of the event. If anyone has a blog to share, e-mail it to me and i will put it up on the site.


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