Saturday, 17 December 2011

Loss for HA3 at Kirby Muxloe

Before the match, both sides had been keen, and had agreed, to play five boards. On the night, however, we arrived with six. This was fine. Kirby nominated the next person to walk through the door as a new board 1. It was Jim Cowley. Everybody else moved down a board.

The first result was a welcome win for Michael against Scott Turner. If memory serves - i think Michael lost to Scott at the Heathcote Arms last time they met. At this point, in the remaining games we were looking alright: Gordon was a rook up on board 3, Haka Dave was a piece up on board 2, Drew on board 5 was a piece down but still kicking and i think Gary was slightly down on material on board 4. On board 1, there was material parity, but I thought i had a slight edge in position.

Drew then lost, and this was quickly followed by a loss for Gary. The rest of us played on for a while only to see some decent positions dissolve. Gordon lost his additional material and then the game. Dave had two rooks against rook and bishop and a passed pawn that could only be stopped by sacrificing material. As usual, i had met the time control with seconds to spare and my 30th move needlessly dropped a pawn. Things went downhill from there.

Kirby Muxloe 2 win matches only slightly more often than we do, so they asked us to leave so that they could celebrate by dancing naked around the Christmas Tree. I don't think that they were joking.

15 DecKirby Muxloe 2vHeathcote Arms 3
5 - 1
1B108Cowley, Jim1 - 0Ross, Colin118
2W60McEachran, Ewan1 - 0Ricketts, Dave93
3B60Shaw, Peter1 - 0Milner, Gordon100
4W56Kellock, Jim1 - 0Sanders, Gary50
5B55Turner, Scott0 - 1Bubb, Michael36
6W50Bowles, Les1 - 0Bubb, Andrew40


At Christmas, the Division 5 table looks like this.


Division 5

1Braunstone 58341710
2Syston 4632188
3Red Admiral 2732258
4Oadby 1540148
5Syston 3531167
6Ashby 46123-64
7Kirby Muxloe 26204-34
8Heathcote Arms 37016-211

League Matches

Our next League matches are as follows: HA2 plays at home against Leicester University 1 on Tuesday 10th January; HA3 plays away against Ashby 4 on Thursday 12th January; HA1 plays away against Willowbrook 2 on Thursday 19th January.

Cup Matches

Our next Cup matches both take place against Braunstone and both take place on Tuesday 24th January. HA1 play at home against Braunstone 1,and HA3 play away against Braunstone 2.

Club Nights

I am not sure if there will be much of a club night on Tuesday 20th December, but i will be up there at 7.30 if anyone wants a friendly. There will not be a club night on Tuesday 27th, but i suspect that by Tuesday 3rd January we will all be itching for a game.

Well done everyone,


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