Thursday, 1 December 2011

HA3 and HA1 Both Play at Home

Gary was the first to finish. His opponent laughed out loud before unleashing a knight attack on Gary's queen whilst discovering a queen and bishop mate in one along the long diagonal. Five minutes later, in a return friendly, Gary had his revenge as he removed a queen for free whilst discovering check. This prompted an immediate resignation.

Michael and Drew were both fine in the openings, but went on to be outplayed in the middlegame.

My own game had been looking drawish for a while. I had black. We were down to pawns and same coloured bishops with Barry having a pair of isolated double pawns. When we got to the time control Barry offered me a draw. Being only slightly better, and the match being lost, i took it.

Read Vs Ross

29 NovHeathcote Arms 3vBraunstone 5
½ - 3½
1B118Ross, Colin½ - ½Read, Barry101
2W50Sanders, Gary0 - 1Hoch, Toby100
3B36Bubb, Michael0 - 1Martin, Paul93
4W40Bubb, Andrew0 - 1Tangney, Vince76

I did not see any of the HA1 match, but there looks to have been a straightforward win for the home team.
29 NovHeathcote Arms 1vAshby 2
4 - 1
1B181Sharpe, Graham1 - 0Gibson, Paul152
2W173Ganger, Rajan1 - 0Hayden, Lawrence137
3B170Bray, Dave½ - ½Dove, Tom139
4W159Cowley, Michael1 - 0Reynolds, David125
5B147Booley, Graham½ - ½Wyld, Nick121

Next week:

HA2 Vs Latimer 1, and HA3 Vs Syston 4 both at home on Tuesday.

I will be contacting people for their availabilities.

Well done everyone,


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