Friday, 3 February 2012

HA1 and HA3 Both Lose at Home

If you have not already done so, check out the Winning Move problem in the previous blog before reading this. The solution is at the end of this blog.

Graham B Reports

No comment!! bad night all round except for Pete.

Graham B

31 JanHeathcote Arms 1vBraunstone 2
2 - 3
1B181Sharpe, Graham½ - ½Salisbury, Michael167
2W173Ganger, Rajan0 - 1Colburn, Paul155
3B159Cowley, Michael0 - 1Sandrovitch, David144
4W147Booley, Graham½ - ½Wells, Jeremy143
5B149Harrison, Peter1 - 0Robinson, Anthony135

Colin Reports

Haka Dave was right to chicken out of playing board 1. This was a strong Syston 3 team.
I was lucky to get out with a draw. Michael was last to finish. We continue to improve.

31 JanHeathcote Arms 3vSyston 3
½ - 3½
1B118Ross, Colin½ - ½Cresswell, Peter107
2W60Milner, Gordon0 - 1Leonard, John108
3B50Sanders, Gary0 - 1Hollingworth, Stuart101
4W36Bubb, Michael0 - 1Agger, Reg86

Next Week

HA2 play at home against Market Harborough on Tuesday 9th.
The Syston 4 Vs HA3 match has been postponed to Tuesday 28th February - so let's support HA2 and have a club night.
HA1 play away against Ashby 2 on Thursday 9th February.

Winning Move

After 19. Rg3! , everything is forced. 19... Nxg3, 20. Bxh7+ Kh8, 21. Bg6+ Kg8, 22. Qh7+ Kf8, 23 Qxd7#

Well done everyone,


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