Friday, 17 September 2010

Unstoppable HA1 Win The Birstall Cup

Peter the President Says:
Just to let you know, we managed to win The Birstall Cup last night. 
I don't have the details but we needed to win 3.5 - 0.5 . We beat Wigston (2) 4 - 0!
Dave Bray , Graham Booley , Mike Cowley and myself all winning. 
On top of The Wylie Cup victory , a great week for The Heathcote Arms Chess Club.

(The rest of this blog below was edited on Saturday 18th as some things had changed since it was first written) 

County Championship (Minor Section)
On Thursday, Ray drew with Guy Closs in a 78 move marathon. Guy has now finished his games with 4/6. Dennis Wilkins is also on 4/6. If Ray beats Stan, next Tuesday, he will also be on 4/6. In the event of a tie, there will be a rapidplay play off. Andy Carter is currently on 3.5/5 (having on his game against Stan the Man) and if he beats me next Tuesday would win the competition with 4.5/6.

Next Week
There will certainly be a club night on Tuesday. The last round of the County Champs Minor Section (the remaining important games, anyway) is taking place at the Heathcote. If you are free, why not come down and give the home players some support, or play some casual chess?

The Week After Next
There will be a club night on Tuesday 28th, and I have a graded game against Haka Dave.

The second half of the week will be very busy with chess:
On Thursday, it is the LRCA annual Prizegiving and Charity Quickplay. The quickplay is a series of 15 minute matches with 4 players in a team - tremendous fun - although, unfortunately i will not be able to be there this year. We need as many club members as possible to come to the Prizegiving so that we can carry all the trophies home.
On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it is the Leicester Chess Congress (aka The Atkins) - our home tournament in Leicester, where our club will be well represented.

The Week After the Week After Next
The new season starts.

Very well done to HA1, and to Ray,


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