Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Club Night / Equipment Audit / League Fixtures

Ross Vs Ricketts & Club Night
Our long overdue CCs game finished when Dave blundered in the middlegame - taking a piece, but missing a checkmate threat.

Ray played Michael and Drew.

Graham B and Pete came in to help with equipment audit.

Equipment Audit

On this occasion, we had 10 boards, 18 sets of pieces and a plastic tub full of analogue clocks all belonging to the County Side. Once these had been removed, we had:

15 Sets of pieces
1 bag of odd pieces
5 digital clocks (Merex 500 type)
One box of 9 orange analogue clocks all marked 'Littlethorpe' (would have been 10, but 1 is missing)
8 other analogue clocks
Dozens of chess boards (mostly vinyl)
1 Uplighter (belongs to Pete)
Books and Magazines
1 Shaefer fountain pen in a presentation box
A screwdriver and set of pliers for fixing clocks
1000 Scoresheets (mostly at Pete's house)
Cuddly toy
Fondue set
A bag of pencils
A few results sheets
2 Strong boxes with combination locks

If i have missed anything let me know.

The heater in the alleyway has been condemned, so we may need to bring some heaters in from home until we come up with some other solution.

Approaching League Matches

The new handbook will be published at the Prizegiving on Thursday. This is what is happening in the next couple of weeks:

Week Beginning 5th October.
Tuesday 5th October: HA1 Vs Loughborough 1, and HA3 Vs Syston3 - both matches at home.
Thursday 7th October: Ashby 3 Vs HA2 - at Ashby

Week Beginning 12th October.
Tuesday 12th October: HA1 Vs Melton 1, and HA3 Vs Baunstone 4 - both matches at home.
No match for HA2 this week.

If you have not yet paid your subs for the coming year, please give £25- to the first committee member that you see. Our league fees for the season are now due and we pay these out of the subscriptions that we collect. The annual subs also include membership of the English Chess Federation.

Prizegiving Night

We should have enough people going for at least one and possibly two teams. If we have any extra players, then that is fine as they always make up scratch teams on the night.


Quite a few of us are going this weekend.

Good luck everyone in the Charity Quickplay and the Atkins.



mohd ramli said...

Congratulation to you Ross! 2.5 points at the Atkins, huh? I've only got 1 point against M. du Toit, I should have won 5 points :) need to improve myself, especially in long positional play.

Sean Hewitt said...

Colin - I think I'm right in saying that there have only ever been 9 analogue clocks.