Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chapman Cup Massacre

I think Wigston was expecting to play our first team.

On the night, our team was essentially HA3. The grade difference gave us the maximum handicap bonus. We therefore only needed a draw on one of the boards in order to win the match. Wigston won the toss and chose the white pieces on the even numbered boards.

We rarely, if ever, get to compete with players as strong as this, but we surprised ourselves at how long we are able to last. Unsurprisingly, against the County Champion, i was the first to bite the dust at around 9PM. We were 23 moves in and the outcome by then was obvious so rather than drag things out any further, i resigned. Alan was kind enough to talk me through the game afterwards and showed me lots of  ways that i could have hung on for longer, but still lost. This was really useful. Afterwards, Fritz was not able to tell me anything that Alan had not.

Michael, with the black pieces, pioneered the Bubb Gambit: 1 Nf3 e5, 2 Nxe5 f6, but after an interesting start was able to exert some real pressure with his major pieces down the kingside files forcing his opponent into some serious thought.

Ray was in a rook and minor piece endgame against Phil Harlow, and according to Alan, missed a win.

Dave, too, managed to get to the endgame even on material, but his bishop and king were hemmed in by his own pawns, and eventually his position crumbled.

17 MayHeathcote Arms 2vWigston 1GD
0 - 4199
Handicap3½ - 0
3½ - 4
1W102Ross, Colin0 - 1Byron, Alan19750
2B99Ricketts, Dave0 - 1Smith, Stephen14849
3W90Beach, Ray0 - 1Harlow, Phil14550
4B60Bubb, Michael0 - 1Wilson, Matthew13550

So, our second Chapman Cup team goes out in the first round. We have the consolation of being entered into the Birstall Cup as first round losers.

Well done everyone.

Tonight, HA1 play in the Wylie.

Next Tuesday, at the Arms, we have two home matches: a Harrod Cup match (against Wigston), and our first Chapman Cup team play against Shepshed.  


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