Wednesday, 24 March 2010

HA2 Win Something

Yes, the wooden spoon in the Junior League Cup. A sterling performance resulting in one draw and four losses.

Last night, in the fifth and final round:
Jason Smith, from Hinckley, is very much on form and he was able was able to defeat Ray on board 4. I didn't like the look of my position against Brian Radesk and offered him a draw which he accepted. Rob struggled against former county champion, Peter Gibbs, and was eventually ground down. For the first time ever, Haka Dave found himself in time trouble. The board was cluttered and although Barry probably had a slight edge in position, it looked as though he could have trouble breaking through. Dave eagerly accepted a draw.

Heathcote Arms Versus Hinckley
5th Round Junior League Cup on 23/3/2010
board 1 (black) Ensor, Rob (135) 0-1 (169) Gibbs, Peter
board 2 (white) Ross, Colin (112) Drawn (117) Radesk, Brian
board 3 (black) Ricketts, Dave (104) Drawn (116) Bailey, Barry
board 4 (white) Beach, Ray (90) 0-1 (100) Smith, Jason
Handicap 1-0
Score 2 - 3

Well done everyone.

Some important news about the league starting with last week's match between Braunstone and Melton:

Braunstone 4 v Melton Mowbray 3
5th Division League Match 16th March 2010
board 1 (black) Closs, Guy (95) 0-1 Cope, Shaun (138)
board 2 (white) Martin, Paul (97) 0-1 Farquharson, Ian (135)
board 3 (black)Impey, John (90) 0-1 Smith, Peter (107)
board 4 (white)Tangney, Vince (60) 0-1 Poolan, Peter (82)
Score 0-4

Here is the league table as of 24.03.10

The green stripe means that we have been promoted. The next significant - and possibly deciding match - in division 5 is Heathcote Arms (2) versus Melton (3) on April 13th. To become Champions, Melton need to beat us, win their remaining matches, and hope that we do not score against the Red Admiral. We, however, do not necessarily need to beat Melton to take the title.

We are having a club night next Tuesday, and, if they are up for it, we will try and sort out a friendly with the Red Admiral for the following week.

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