Friday, 27 October 2017

HA2 (3-1) Syston 3

24 OctHeathcote Arms 2vSyston 3

1B152Harrison, Peter01Gramaticu, Constantin170
2W149Booley, Graham10Pourmozafari, Ben130
3B139Manger, John10Suchak, Parin133
4W133Cowley, Michael10Stone, Robert105
A good result at home for HA2.
The outcome of the game on board 3 was decided by the clock with white to move in the position below.


Fritz gives this the following continuation: 1 Rf7, Rb2+, 2 Kc1 Rg2, 3 Ra7+ Kb4, 4 Rc7=
The start of the new season has seen a welcome return of our club night with plenty of casual games going on.


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